As waste management consultants to most types of businesses, Shield Waste Consultants is able to provide waste removal programs and contract management solutions that fit your specific needs. From managing waste pickup among several operational sites to handling dumpsters across multiple residential housing complexes, Shield Waste Consultants can work to customize a solution to drive cost savings for any client.

Wad of Money
  • Hauler over-charges.
  • Inappropriate Hauler service charges.
  • Hauler Fees.
  • Hauler Surcharges.
  • Hauler Price increases.
  • Auto-renewal of existing Hauler contracts.


Shield Waste Consultants begins by  analyzing the current waste program including invoices and agreements for errors and omissions.  We also perform an on-site waste audit reviewing the current operations of the business.  After the results of our waste audit, Shield Waste Consultants will then develop recommendations in order to achieve the clients goals in terms of operational and cost efficiency.  Shield Waste Consultants welcomes the opportunity to not only present our findings but also implement those recommendations and manage your garbage and recycling. We take the hassle away for you.


Shield Waste Consultants offers a standard five nights per week trash and recycling collection service as well as customized days and times of service to fit every apartment community's unique needs.

With Shield Waste Consultant's standard collection service, residents simply place their bagged and tied waste into a provided waste container and place it outside on their doorstep at the designated time for pick up.  The trash collectors will collect all of the community's trash and deliver it to the community's dumpster or compactor. Residents then simply bring their empty waste container back inside when the collectors are done.

apartment complex


Doorstep Collection is an amenity that every resident uses multiple times a week. Shield Waste's system controls a community's waste stream while providing the community, its staff, and its residents added benefits. These benefits include:

  • Doorstep Collection service is an amenity nearly all residents take advantage of unlike a gym or pool.
  • Shield Waste's door step collection improves resident retention and new leases by offering the property a unique market advantage compared to competitors that do not offer a door step trash service.
  • Uniform trash and waste station containers.
  • Residents won't have to drag trash throughout the community or place it on their cars and take it to the dumpster or compactor.
  • Trash is collected shortly after it is set outside - no odors, trash leakage, or stains on walkways and breezeways.
  • Dumpsters and Compactor areas are kept cleaner reducing pests and messes.
  • Community operating expenses are reduced by an estimated 2-3 labor hours per day.
  • Community maintenance staff can focus on work orders, resident satisfaction, and customer service instead of trash.​