Since 1993

What We Do

At Shield Waste Consultants we work to protect you from the waste haulers aggressive tactics.  Haulers are constantly looking for ways to increase their revenue, often at the expense of the customer.  Let us help you reduce your costs by fighting 'them for you.  Less money in the waste haulers pockets equals more money in yours, don't let increasing trash collection prices affect your bottom line.


Consultants can help with:

  • Waste Hauling Across the United States
  • Reduction and Monitoring Services
  • Waste Management
  • Decreased Collection Costs

Whether you have 1 location or 100 locations our initial consultation and plan development is always free. Give us a call and let us work for you.


Zero Cost Solution

With Shield Waste Services, you receive a true zero cost solution. There are no direct costs to our customers, this creates a true WIN - WIN solution.  Our pledge is that if we can't save you money on your monthly service IMMEDIATELY we will MANAGE YOUR ACCOUNTS FOR FREE, UNTIL WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY.

Shield Waste Services allows you the ability to SAVE money while getting the expertise and expanded resources to better manage Waste and Recycling.

Our Services


We specialize in waste reduction and monitoring services for commercial, industrial, and multi-family businesses.

We have a track record of saving our customers 25% or more on their trash service.


If you own or manage A multi-family housing property, call us for a free evaluation on how we can help increase NOI, contribute to a cleaner property, and increase resident retention.


Whether you need a container for a temporary project, or one added for the long term, Shield Waste Consultants can help you get competitive pricing and save you money on all types of equipment.